21st Century Teaching Tools

Take a look at the tools used in class...

1 -- Adventures

Students work through learning adventures, outlined in a "learning plan" format.  Students can quickly see what they are supposed to learn, how they should learn it, what materials they will need to complete  the adventure, and how they will be assessed.

2 -- Edpuzzle

Students use Edpuzzle to watch lessons on basic concepts.  In Edpuzzle they are asked specific questions about what has been explained.  Students can rewatch the video if necessary to answer all the questions correctly.  Many video lessons are also provided on Youtube.

3 -- TI-Nspire Calculators

Students use TI-Nspire calculators in the classroom to explore math topics and to help with assignments.  These calculators, allowed on the SAT, are powerful tools that help students focus on solving problems, reducing the number of errors found in their calculations.

4 -- Geogebra

Students use Geogebra to interact with math and bring equations to life.  This free tool, available on the internet, allows students to see and manipulate the math they are working on.  Geogebra helps students better understand the math concepts in their adventure.

5 -- Khan Academy

Khan Academy is used extensively to practice typical problems.  The use of Khan Academy has many advantages, including the ability for students to receive immediate feedback, and enabling teachers to provide individual coaching to students based on the fantastic reports provided.

6 -- Assignments

Each adventure has assignments that students must complete in order to receive credit.  These assignments detail the specific tasks the students must complete.  Students assignments are stored in the cloud, on Google Drive, making assignments available for students to work on and for teachers to grade whenever there is internet access.

7 -- Google Classroom

Using Google Classroom, assignments are given and tracked online.  Students have "due dates" assigned to help them track their progress for completing the class by the end of the block.



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